The National Restaurant Association reports that repeat guests make up 70% of a restaurant’s revenue and are 80% cheaper than acquiring new ones. 

Restaurants lack compelling incentives to encourage repeat visits. Our service, Table Up, gives you the ability to offer a wide selection of customized loyalty programs!

Table Up’s Loyalty Program lets you:

  • Replace outdated and underperforming card-based systems with a digital program
  • Offer both spend and item based loyalty options
  • Centralize loyalty across all guest touch points, allowing for accurate tracking of spend
  • Customize reward programs on the fly
  • Capture guest data and preferences for future visits
  • Integrate into your Front of House and Online Ordering for a seamless guest experience

But why is offering loyalty so important for your guests?

Your guests have access to an enormous number of dining options. You need more than just great food and service to differentiate you from the rest! We offer technology that drives engagement with guests of all ages and interests.

With Loyalty from Table Up, your guests can:

  • Be rewarded for every purchase
  • Redeem rewards across any channel
  • Leverage VIP experiences such as skip the line and access to special events
  • Receive discounts, merchandise, and free items
  • Share dining preferences with you in real-time
  • Be kept up-to-date with tailored promotions and offers


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