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Which Menu Items Bring Customers Back?


Menu Intelligence

Most point of sale systems can show you which menu items you sell the most of. Our intelligent software shows which menu items bring diners back into the restaurant most often.

Just because a menu item isn’t selling well, doesn’t mean it’s not a valuable menu item. We help to identify hidden gems, one hit wonders, loss leaders, and even greatest hits.


We calculate popularity of menu items versus customers who have returned through menu intel

Measure Server Performance

Upserve’s payment platform seamlessly integrates to all major point of sale systems and compliments the information you already receive today. Our system is cloud-based which allows you to oversee your staff performance anywhere you have access to the internet.

While your point of sale is crucial to your business, we take things a bit further.


  • recover thousands in lost profits
  • breaks down average cover per table instead of just revenue generated
  • calculates server table turn time
  • calculates server customer retention percentage
  • measure server average tip percentage











Put Your Restaurant in Your Pocket

  • Real-time insights at your fingertips

  • Oversee labor performance
  • Track voids & discounts
  • Net sales reporting (cash, credit and gift card)
  • Toggle between multiple locations

Meet Your Customers

The more we know about our customers, the better off we are to serve them

  • detailed visit history
  • see who spends the most money at your restaurant(s)
  • what dishes do repeat customers recommend
  • which locations do they frequent the most

Clear Financials

  • Easily track new vs. repeat business
  • Combine cash, credit, and gift cards
  • Track month-over-month & year-over-year growth
  • Net Sales, Gross Sales, and Card Sales

Daily Digest Email & Logbook

  • Key Insights delivered to your inbox every morning
  • Notable Customers
  • Top Performing Menu Items
  • Top Performing Servers
  • Use Logbook to Streamline Employee Communications