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We’ve simplified your ads on Facebook, Instagram, newsfeeds and more.

Stop counting likes and clicks and start counting your money.

Watch your ROI grow.

Did you know that increasing your Customer Frequency by 5% can translate to overall increased profits of 25% or more?

With Adzy you can reach out to your customers in more efficient ways than you have before. 

90% of all commerce still happens offline. We bridge the gap and collect the data that you’ve been missing.

  • Offline Commerce 90% 90%


Ads Platform

Simplify your targeted ad campaigns with our software. Easily connect the dots between online interactions and in-store purchases to see how your business is growing.

Customer Demographics

Better understand your most valuable customers, what they like, and segment your customers for personalized marketing. With no expertise required.

Audience Network

Your ads will default to Facebook/Instagram newsfeeds & stories, webpage banners, in-stream videos, instant articles, and the entire audience network.

Offline Communication

Our customers are able to understand exactly who is interacting with their online ads and who comes into their physical store to make a purchase.


Campaign Reporting

Gain more transparency into your marketing. Easily see which campaigns generated the most clicks, impressions, and conversions.

Lifetime Value (LTV)

See how much your customers are worth to your business to get your most valuable customers in more often.

Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)

Easily determine what it cost to acquire your new customers to put your business in a position to scale.

Measurable ROI

Easily see which customers are interacting with digital ads & spending money at your store.