Turn Your Guest WiFi Into a Marketing Weapon For Your Restaurant

It all starts with WiFi

5 minute setup- Just plug in your access point and customers will get instant access to free, fast, and secure WiFi. Customers who sign on to Zenreach WiFi visit 65% more than those who don’t. That’s loyalty you can see.


Custom-branded portal

No more fishbowls on your counter and manually logging outdated guest contact info. Zenreach automatically builds your contact list over WiFi through a customized portal complete with demographic and visit behavior. Share promotions and events on your portal screen. Redirect logged-in customers to your website or other pages.


Collect contacts 5x faster

Send the right message at the right time with our automated campaign tools- personalize messages to each individual based on behavior, demographics, and more. You can let guests login using their email, social media account or mobile number.


See your Walk-Through Rate™

Success you can see- We show you exactly how well their marketing is working by calculating the Walk-Through Rate. This is how many customers respond to messages by physically walking through the business doors.


Build your reputation

Get direct feedback and take control of your reputation. You can tell satisfied customers which popular review sites matter most (so they can put their review there) while interacting personally with any unhappy customers before they post bad reviews.