Restaurant business fluctuates constantly, so how can you maintain or increase your sales during downtime? Our best advice is to utilize your restaurant’s website! Many restaurants neglect their website, but when it comes to generating extra revenue the possibilities are endless! Here are our 4 ways to make your restaurant website more profitable.


1. Online Menu


The most important pieces of information to have as visible as possible on your website is your contact information AND the restaurant’s menu! Your menu is most likely what your website visitors are there for, whether it is to dine in or to order online. No matter the reason, make sure to offer an easy way to see the menu on your desktop and mobile device.


Here are our online menu tips:

  • Showcase your star menu items, as well as your challenge items, and put them at the top of your menu!
  • Use short and to-the-point descriptions. No one wants to read every ingredient!
  • Keep your menu uncluttered


2. Online Ordering

Online ordering is a no brainer in 2019. In order for you to get your share of the online ordering market, you need to make it as easy as possible for customers to order their food! Your online ordering system should be easy to use and flow smoothly. This will help with the customer experience and turn website visits and orders into cash and repeat customers!


3 Ways to Online Order

  • Order online and dine in: customers who want to sit and eat almost immediately
  • Order online and pick up: customers who don’t want to dress for dinner and want to get home quickly
  • Order online and deliver: for customers who do not want to leave the comfort of their home

3. Loyalty Program

Many restaurants gain customers by offering coupons and deals, and many restaurant managers believe that this strategy is the key to a steady streamline of business. Coupons and offers also bring in a lot of first-time customers, which is great now but not in the long run.

If you’re thinking of starting a loyalty program, or if you already one, make sure your focus is on existing customers. On average, members of a restaurant loyalty program will spend up to 20% more when redeeming their reward and they will also increase the frequency of their visits.

Rewards you can give your loyal customers through your loyalty program

  • VIP new menu items
  • Members-only special dink when they buy an entree
  • Accrue points and redeem for a free dessert


Did you know you can launch a free loyalty program with your Upserve account? Our program turns your customer’s credit or debit card into their own personal loyalty card. As they make purchases, we automatically update your database. Upon signing up, we collect their email and phone number so you can communicate special offers via Email and SMS Text marketing. Since we use your customer’s credit and debit cards we can swipe directly on your point of sale or credit card terminal. There’s no staff training or extra grunt work required by the operator.

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4. Restaurant’s SEO

Organic search engine optimization, SEO, is so valuable for your restaurant’s success. The best way to approach SEO is through relevant content and a mobile-friendly and performance-optimized website. We suggest updating your website often with new deals and adding a blog so you have regular, relevant and new content!


Your restaurant could be a powerhouse for extra revenue, so make sure that it is responsive, easy to navigate, and offers various ways for your customers to get to your food (online ordering, menus on the website, etc). Have any questions? Contact us today!