Is it actually possible to increase your restaurant’s sales by thousands of dollars using email marketing? YES! We have three strategies for you to implement into your email marketing campaigns!


#1 Subject Line Importance

Your subject line is the first thing that your customers see. This determines if they are going to open your email. You must draw curiosity and make your customer want to find out more. If your subject line doesn’t attract your customer, your offer or promotion will never be viewed.

Spend time and write out 5-7 potential subject lines and determine which one is the most exciting. We suggest using emojis to draw a customer in!

“🍊Did someone say bottomless mimosas?! 🥂”


#2 No Promotion, No Results

If your customer opens your email, give them a reason to come into your restaurant. This includes coupons, deals, or upcoming events. Make them an offer they can’t refuse. The more valuable the offer, the more people will take advantage of it!

Create a discounted offer that’s valuable to the customer but do this in a way where you still make a profit. Restrictions such as “must purchase a beverage or another menu item” is an easy way of doing this!

A real-life example using our Wifi Email Marketing Service, Zenreach


#3 Create Urgency & Profit Quickly!

After you’ve told them why you’re making them this irresistible offer, now you need to get them to take action right away so they don’t forget! Your goal within your marketing is to make a profit now and not later. You do this by creating urgency or scarcity. For example, you can use an expiration date which is the most common or you could also say, the first “x” amount of people in the door get your offer.

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