“Phone Eats First”

Instagram is the go-to app to scroll through to look at delicious dishes and gorgeous restaurants. There is no doubt that Instagram has changed the restaurant game with customer interactions. In the past, people were embarrassed to take a photo of their food, but Millennials have completely changed that concept.

Fundera states that 69% of Millennial customers take a photo of their food before eating, 59% of them review menus online, and 30% actively avoid restaurants with a weak social media presence. Having a strong social media presence does nothing but help your restaurant succeed!


Does a strong Instagram feed really drive customers into your restaurant? The answer is YES. Here are 4 ways to drive traffic to your restaurant’s website through Instagram!





Make Your Main Bio Link Count

 Have you ever seen the term “link in bio”? Your main bio link is the only clickable element you get on your entire profile. Don’t just link your restaurant’s homepage. We recommend you link to your event page, weekly specials page, or straight to the menu!

Your restaurant’s Instagram bio should showcase your restaurant’s personality! Dress up your bio with emojis and special characters! Our favorites are: 🍽🌮🍷🍻🤩👨‍🍳

Let Your Followers Comment

One study found that 84% of customers trust an online review as much as an in-person recommendation, and 68% read between one and six reviews before making a decision. What customers think of your brand image is now more important with the ease of technology. Creating a branded hashtag or creating a location on Instagram encourages guests to post about your restaurant!

Utilize Instagram Stories

The fast increase in food tourism has made Instagram the most popular space for travelers searching for the perfect restaurant to visit. Tagging your location in posts and Instagram stories will drive interested travelers and locals to your restaurant!

If you have 10,000 or more followers, use links in Instagram Stories to send people to your website. If this feature isn’t available yet, type up shortened links in the text that users can easily remember and input into their browser on their own!

Instagram Ads

If you have room in your budget, try experimenting with Instagram Ads! Instagram Ads are proven to increase engagement on your posts and traffic to your website. The easiest way to create an ad is to use a post from your feed!

The most effective ad is one that creates emotions over creating a sales pitch. For restaurants, we recommend a post of your best dish or cocktail. We also recommend posting your weekly specials if you offer them!