The smallest mistakes cause the downfall of an entire business. Unfortunately, it happens to many restaurants and bars each year.

There are endless examples of mistakes restaurants make, including running out of a certain food item one night or being shorthanded of staff. Mistakes like this cause negative reviews which will ruin your online reputation. Don’t worry! We are here to tell you the top four mistakes that restaurant owners should never make.

Mistake #1: Not Communicating the Long-Term Vision of Your Establishment


Yes, the restaurant business is constantly hectic, but that is no excuse for sticking to your vision. If you are passionate about the vision of your establishment then your staff will be too. Although you have a lot of stress being the owner, you’re not the person serving customers, cooking the food, cleaning tables and greeting customers.

Sticking to the vision of your restaurant is a team effort. Make your vision clear. This means that everyone needs to be aware of your vision and what your restaurant’s long term goals are. Running a successful restaurant business is all about long-term growth. Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback and communicate it to your employees and customers!


Mistake #2: Not Training Staff Adequately Enough


It’s impossible to have a perfect staff, but the fact is, training is a process, not a session. It’s not a shift shadowing or a 3-hour training video that brings the best results. You can streamline your restaurant by recognizing which employees are accomplishing great things and re-training them regularly on some of the current trends on a day-to-day basis. Your employees will respect and value your passion in keeping them trained. And when you see your staff picking up on it, guess what; your restaurant will flourish!


Mistake #3: Bad Communication


Restaurant management is all about face to face interaction. This ensures that you and your staff are communicating strategically. Constantly communicate effectively with your customers as well! Get them to be open and talkative about their experience, and truly listen.


Mistake #4: Managers Not Being Present Enough on the Floor


It is a very common mistake; most of the time a manager thinks that they don’t need to be present out on the floor. However, having a manager often on the floor is key to not only showing your guests that you personally care, but to make sure your staff has a role model and someone holding them accountable at all times. When they see the manager leading by example, they will follow suit!

If managers are constantly in their offices every day, the waitstaff will also be just as disconnected while on the floor. If you participate in the job they do, they will dish out the same exceptional service tenfold.