United Concierge Medicine

Emergency Medicine Expertise with a Personal Touch


Introducing the virtual ER: reimagining population health management through the power of triage
  • ATA Accredited
  • Exclusive Salaried Emergency Trained Providers
  • Treat and Triage All Non-Life Threatening Illness and Injury
  • Cost Saving/ROI Analysis

How It Works

We accept all patients, not just a select few conditions. Whether you have a minor medical problem like cough or cold, a serious concern like an injury, or just need some compassionate medical advice, we can help.

Emergency Medicine Treatment and Triage Expertise

Phone, Video and Picture Consults with our emergency medicine team

Diagnosis, treatment, triage, prescriptions, order labs, imaging, make referrals and follow up with our patients to track recovery.

Get Started with One Touch

Simply download the UCMnow app for your iOS or Android device and one touch gets you 24/7 access to a caring health care provider. We are accessible via telephone, video conference and secure messaging, day and night—365 days a year.




Who We Help

Worker’s Comp

United Concierge Medicine’s Virtual ER Worker’s Compensation option provides rapid assessment, triage, and treatment for common workplace injuries saving time and money.

Employees Receive

  • Initial non-life threatening injury assessment
  • Appropriate first aid treatment protocols
  • Medication and/or Physical Therapy prescribed if needed
  • Medical documentation – Injury Report and Return To Work
  • Referral to specialist for ongoing care as needed

Employees Save By

  • Reduce unnecessary Urgent Care/ER visits
  • Our Consults never hit your plan’s claim experience
  • Appropriate utilization of services
  • Read direct care to faster and more effective settings
  • Order X-rays and labs
  • Prescribe Physical Therapy
  • Reduce unnecessary time away from work
  • Our goal is to get employees back to work
  • Immediate access and reporting
  • Early diagnoses/faster recovery
  • Self-Insured Employers
  • By putting UCM’s virtual ER treat and triage model at the front of your plan designs you will reduce hospital, ER, urgent care, and office visit claims all while allowing your brand of virtual care to stand for quality.

Health Plans

Health plans are losing control of their populations who are often opting for convenient care that is relatively expensive and flies in the face of their quality measures.

Give your highest ER and Hospital utilizers such as medicaid populations, rural populations and complex care populations a virtual ER to treat and triage them to appropriate, cost effective care.

Data like you’ve never had it before: As a treat and triage system at the front of your plan designs we can send you valuable alerts when important diagnoses or risk factors for expensive claims may be likely to occur.

Why United Concierge Medicine?

Dedicated group of management and providers become extensions of your brand

Leverage our expertise to help you launch a program immediately Build a sustainable and scalable solution for many service lines  

Experience: leadership with unparalleled telemedicine experience

Quality: ATA-CHQI accredited Evidence-based practice tailored to telemedicine care with rigorous training and QI

Security: Secure, HIPAA-compliant technology and infrastructure

Support: Full administrative, technical and clinical support

Flexibility: We work with you to find the right solution that fits your needs

Affordable: Pricing that makes ROI easy to achieve