Restaurant WiFi Marketing Fort Myers FL

Turn Guest Wifi into an Automated Marketing Tool

How it works:

1. Plug  in our Access Point

  • We ship anywhere in the USA free of charge.
  • Plug our simple equipment into your existing router
  • Upload your logo and Social Media Information
  • No programming or IT tech necessary


2. Grow a smart email list 5X faster

The first time a customer accesses WiFi, we add them to your email list. Each time they come back, we learn more about them, from spending habits and demographics to lifetime value. We then use this information to calculate their walk-through rate™—and to help you send really smart emails. (Want to gather email addresses from your website? We do that, too—at no extra charge!)  

3. Run your email Marketing on autopilot

  • Behavior-triggered emails
  • Expert designed templates
  • Customizable one-off messages



4. Bring People back in your Door

Welcome to the only metric that matters. Our system automatically reaches out to “lost” customers, and tells you whether they come back after receiving a message. Our proprietary walk-through rate and online-to-offline analytics offer real insight into whether your marketing is effective, and help you discover your most loyal guests.