Restaurant Loyalty Program Albany NY


Launch a FREE loyalty program with your Upserve account

Did you know:

  • VIP and loyalty program members are 70% more likely to spread the word about your business
  • 65% of customers want stores they frequent to email them coupons and promotions
  • The probability of making an additional sale or up-selling to loyal customers is 60-70%

Don’t Waste Money on Plastic Cards

Our program turns your customer’s credit or debit card into their own personal loyalty card. As they make purchases, we automatically update your database. We provide custom signage that allows customers to opt into the program via their mobile phones. Many businesses will do a first time offer to incentivize the customer to join the program. Upon signing up, we collect their email and phone number so you can communicate special offers via Email and SMS Text marketing.

Custom Landing Pages

Want to promote your loyalty program via your website? No problem. We actually build custom landing pages specific to your business where your customers can enroll and / or check their reward balances. Just add the link to your web page and start building a loyalty.

Seamless Integration

Don’t worry about expensive integrations to your point of sale system. Since we use your customer’s credit and debit cards we can swipe directly on your point of sale or credit card terminal. There’s no staff training or extra grunt work required by the operator.