Restaurant Invoicing & Ordering App Albany NY

Plate IQ is the digital solution that gives you fast, accurate, automated accounts payable and smart, business-transforming insights.

Digitize your invoices and transform your restaurant operations!

order up analytics is now partnered with Plate IQ.

 Stack of invoices Let’s face it, you’re busy. And too often you’re managing the painful details, not actually running the restaurant. Things like invoices and inventory… Ugh! Invoices are a messy stack of paper and endless data entry. Inventory means spreadsheets. And if you have technology, it certainly isn’t easy. Managing food spend and pricing is important… but let’s face it, it sucks and you’re largely left in the dark.   

Get the full picture faster

Plate IQ has built an easy to use, do-it-for-me app for paperless invoicing, automated accounting and painless inventory. Restaurants can throw away the boxes of invoices, put their accounting on autopilot, see price trends and food spend & manage inventory…   

Capture, manage, and share invoices online.

Throw away the boxes of invoices with Plate IQ. With the paperless invoicing feature, you can snap pictures of your invoices and store them in your online file cabinet. The Plate IQ App will capture invoice images, dollar amounts, line item detail, and all your existing supplier information. Flag invoices for approval and provide your team with access… anywhere, anytime. No more lost invoices, double payments, or missing credits. Just 100% visibility to your invoice data online and in real time from any device.   

Cut your bookkeeping costs in half

Now that your invoices are online, Plate IQ will automatically scrape the line item detail. This eliminates all invoice data entry for you & your accountant. You can create custom food categories and assign GL codes for items and vendors. Plate IQ will automate your GL spend reports so you can easily export them to QuickBooks,  and most other leading accounting systems.